Hypotenuse Enterprises, Inc.


Pharmaceutical Industry

Privately held company engaged in the business of developing, testing and commercializing topical pharmaceutical products.  The company has developed a portfolio of innovative and proprietary pharmaceutical products to proceed to commercialization.

Financing Sought:   $13-15 million


To commercialize business development and to perform research and development activities to include formal, controlled double blind clinical trials for several new medicines that can very effectively compete in large and significantly growing markets through successful commercialization.  Completion of controlled clinical trials for these medicines will facilitate early-stage licensing and/or co-development transactions with established pharmaceutical companies.

Company's Core Technology:

Patents issued and patents pending.  The company's chemical technology has high product gross margins, maintains very low toxicity, and works by improving immune system functioning where its new medications are applied, resulting in successful treatment of certain diseases such as cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous conditions), herpes simplex and genital warts.  The technology uses generally regarded as safe (GRAS) chemical substances to optimize the environment of the natural immune response of mucosal, skin and wound surfaces.  The new medications incorporating this technology as well as the incorporation of in-licensed technology provides both growth opportunities and increased commercialization opportunities for the company.

Intellectual Properties:

Company has several completed, patented (US and International), manufacturing-established new drugs that have worked very well in early pilot human testing.

Laboratories and Facilities:

Utilizes laboratory and clinical facilities in multiple location in the US and Internationally.  Use of state of the art contract manufacturing facilities.

Revenue Expectation:

First year revenue expectation of about $15M.


To discuss criteria further, or to submit a candidate for consideration, please contact:

Patricia A. Walters, Vice President
Hypotenuse Enterprises, Inc.
1545 East Avenue
Rochester, N.Y. 14610 USA
E-mail: walters@hypot.com
Voice: 585-473-7799
Fax: 585-473-7465

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