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The smART of the Deal
Seminar -
Days 1 & 2


Dealmaking for Success
Seminar - Day I
8:00 A.M. TO 6:00 P.M.


Morning Session (begins at 8:00 A.M.)
Introduction to Deal Concepts
Six Steps of Dealmaking
Balancing Internal and External Growth
Strategic Intent
Strategic Planning as a Deal Driver
Transaction Linkages
Windows on Technology
Sourcing the Deal
Choosing Strategic Partners
Confidentiality Agreements
Deal Database Tracking Systems
Electronic Searches
Opportunistic vs. Strategic Sourcing
Using Intermediaries and Consultants
Fee Agreements
Sample Criteria & Intermediary Policy
Compensation and Incentives
Working Lunch on Key Transaction Issues
Afternoon Session
Selecting Valuation Methods
Choosing Comparables and Discount Rates
Quantifying Synergies
Baseline Sensitivity Analysis
Fiduciary Obligations
Dealbreakers vs. Dealmakers
Contract Administration
Deal Structuring
Acquisitions / Divestitures
In-Licensing / Out-Licensing
Co-Promotions / Strategic Alliances
Majority / Minority Investments
Running the Deal Effectively
Contractualization:  Letters of Intent, Definitive
     Agreements, Escrows, Non-Competes
Communications:  Team Control and Process
Benchmarking Best Practices, M&A Policy

Seminar - Day II
8:00 A.M. TO
5:00 P.M.


Morning Session (begins at 8:00 A.M.)
Recap Open Issues from Day 1
Due Diligence
Managing the Due Diligence Process
Business Due Diligence
Financial Due Diligence/Analytical Techniques
Legal Due Diligence
Sourcing Investment
Covenants and Cautions
Post-Deal Integration
Pre-Deal Communications
Linking to Valuation
Post-Deal Integration Coordination
Post-Deal Audits
Working Lunch on Corporate Development Issues
Afternoon Session
Internal Policy/Business Case Preparation
Three-step Approval Process
Other Constituencies' Issues
Lessons Learned
Managing the Business Development Function Proactively
Interfacing Successfully with Operations
Success Factors in Business Development
Corporate Development Values
Dealmaking Ethical Issues
Best Practices
Training / Coaching the Dealmaker
Integrative and Anecdotal Deal Stories
Final Group Discussion

Times and order of presentation are approximate, based on attendee's needs.

Lunch & Refreshments Provided

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